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With Vintage Texting, your digital messages are reborn as personal, handwritten letters, delivered straight to the doorstep of your chosen recipient.just send a text, follow the prompts, add your message and recipient details to our number, and we take care of the rest.

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  • Domestic Postage Included:

    Covers the cost of domestic postage, ensuring that your cards are delivered without any additional shipping fees.

  • High-Quality Handwritten Cards by Custom-Designed Robots

    Each card is meticulously handwritten using custom-designed robots that hold real pens. Your custom message will be written with the care and precision of a handwritten note, providing a personal touch that stands out compared to standard printed messages.

  • Cards & Envelope Included:

    At $7.50 per card, you can enjoy the convenience and personalization of handwritten messages, all included in the price. The entire product looks authentic. We want to make you look good!

Frequently asked questions

Here's are some of frequently asked questions about our work.

How do you write the Vintage Texts?


Great question! Vintage Text uses custom-designed handwriting robots that hold real pens to write out your texts on to a real cards with a handwriting style.

How quickly do you write and mail orders?


We aim to complete all orders within two business day. We send all notes via First Class postage. Typically, the US Postal Service delivers all mail to the continental US in 3-5 days.

Can I include a gift card with the card?


Absolutely! We offer gift cards to Starbucks. For an additional $12.95 , you can include a $10 Starbucks gift card with your handwritten card, making your gesture even more special and delightful for the recipient.Breakdown:
$7.50 - Vintage Texting Card
+ Starbucks Gift Card Addition:
$2.95 - Processing fee
$10.00 - Starbucks Gift Card
We charge $2.95 to cover the cost of purchasing and fulfilling the gift card. Additionally, postage costs a bit more to include the gift card with the handwritten card.

Will people know the card wasn’t sent by me?


Our handwriting is virtually indistinguishable from human writing. Typically, unless you ask the recipient if the note was written by a robot, they’ll never even think twice about it. Furthermore, the card has your return address and a real stamp. The only “giveaway” is that the postmark will be from Phoenix, AZ (we can’t do anything about this, but most people won’t notice anyway). We do not put Vintage Text branding anywhere! We are here to make you the star!

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